Mae KL Dorricott

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BSc (Hons) Marine Biology, University of Plymouth, UK, 1st class honours

MSc Science Communication, University of West England, UK, Merit

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My interests lie in-between a curiosity of how things work in the sea, conservation, and science communication. Currently, I am working as an underwater researcher in television, able to learn from masters of story telling. I hope to take this experience forward to tell more stories of the sea. I want to work at the interface that bridges community’s which depend on the sea directly with marine scientists, and the wider public. I believe that maintaining transparency and interest between these stakeholders is the key to maintaining a healthy ocean environment as well as further pursuing scientific knowledge and technological advances. 


Mae has been an ocean enthusiast her whole life. Scuba diving from as soon as she could, to completing a degree in marine biology at the University of Plymouth, UK, it has always been her passion to understand and be in the sea as much as possible. The pMAE_PNI17_TRANSECT_THUMBNAIL.jpginnacle of her career so far was when she became the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society’s 2017 European Rolex Scholar. Here she was able to explore the underwater world like never before, learning from experts in the field and gaining invaluable hands-on experience for a whole year around the world! It was during this time, that she was able to join Sonia in Pohnpei (FSM) for an annual expedition to explore the mesophotic coral reefs. Joining this expedition was and will always remain a highlight to Mae as she saw for herself the importance of fostering a holistic approach to conducting science in the field. Not only did Mae learn how to conduct remote fieldwork and observe the novel discoveries from Sonia’s work, but she was introduced to how sharing these findings with the local people who rely on these reefs as a resource is vital to work towards conservation strategies that have longevity.


Mae_CCR_POHNPEI_2017_THUMBNAIL.jpgFollowing the close of her scholarship, Mae has continued her underwater adventures by increasing her experience on rebreather technology. Primarily, however, she has completed her Masters in Science Communication at the University of West England, UK, focusing her final project on the risk perception of plastic pollution.

Presentations with Mae KL Dorricott

The 2017 Our World European Rolex ScholarMae KL Dorricott shares about her experiences during the 2017 Pohnpei Expedition