Methods in Mesophotic Exploration (MME)

This 14-day course is specifically designed to train competent technical divers how to conduct exploratory expedition research in remote areas of the Indo-Pacific at mesophotic depths. Participants will be trained to the depth of their certification.

After each course participants will have the option to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to explore the mesophotic depths of remote areas of the Indo-Pacific.


– Expedition planning

– Area and site selection

– Site characterisation (field ecology)

– Safety procedures

– Community engagement and communication

*Those interested in taking the course are guided to attend the Methods in Mesophotic: Primer (MMP).


All courses provide the opportunity to build experience and skill development in rebreather technical diving and scientific research and exploration at mesophotic depths in remote locations.

Non-technical divers are also welcome to attend – to learn necessary research and safety skills required for this type of research.


DAN insurance

– Your own fully serviced rebreather and auxiliary equipment

– CCR certification (e.g., TDI, IANTD, BSAC…)

– Minimum of 250 CCR hours logged

– Gear rental is available through Wasage Divers