Mesophotic field research using mixed gas closed-circuit rebreather diving technology requires a level of safety and logistical training, which is outside the scope of the majority of research and academic institutions. Therefore, it has been necessary to design specialised protocols and courses to optimise safety and productivity. The objective is to develop a world-class field research team to conduct research exploration, ecology, and experimentation specifically at the mesophotic depths of remote locations in the Indo-Pacific.

Methods will vary depending on the location and research objective. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to participate in hypothesis-driven scientific field research and exploration at mesophotic depths.


Get Involved

To expand your skills and participate in expedition research projects you can learn critical procedures tailored to mesophotic depths. There are three options available, which will prepare you for expedition research.

1. Methods in Mesophotic: Primer (MMP)

2. Methods in Mesophotic Research (MMR)

3. Methods in Mesophotic Exploration (MME)

Once you have successfully completed the MMP and either MMR/MME then you are equipped to participate in research at mesophotic depths in the remote locations of the Indo-Pacific and beyond.

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All courses provide the opportunity to advance and challenge your skills and experience as a technical rebreather diver. Each course will build and develop your ability to conduct scientific research and exploration at mesophotic depths in remote locations.

Non-technical divers are also welcome to attend – to learn critical research and safety skills required for this type of research.


DAN insurance

– Your own fully serviced rebreather and auxiliary equipment

– CCR certification (e.g., TDI, IANTD, BSAC…)

– Minimum of 250 CCR hours logged

– Gear rental depends on course location